What Wallpaper manufacturers will like you to believe

There are 2 things to remember about wallpaper:

  • Wallpaper is a luxury item/decoration for your home.
  • The majority of wallpaper purchased in the United States is by homeowners who plan to install it themselves.

So in order to sell more of this luxury item to their biggest clients (the homeowners), they must convince you that:

  • Installing wallpaper in your home is always simple
  • An amateur or novice can install wallpaper in any area of their home successfully.

Ever seen those do-it-yourself TV shows where they transform a room in a day and everything looks perfect and the entire remodel was done with a budget of $150 and 2 novices who have never picked up a hammer?

While some of those shows have truth to them, many of them are facilitating the hype of marketing professionals like those in the wallpaper selling industry.

The truth when it comes to installing wallpaper is that it is similar to working on your own car. Yes, there are things a novice car owner can do himself without much training, such as change wiper blades or even their own oil. Some car owners may even research on the internet and adventurously change their own spark plugs, etc., and may do so successfully. But when it comes to major work or professional diagnostic, the car owner takes his vehicle to a professional.

This analogy translates to the homeowner and home wallpaper installation. Some homeowners may successfully install some wallpapers in some areas of their home. All wallpapers are not easy to install, and all installation areas cannot be beautifully installed in by novices. It’s best to get a consultation from a professional wallpaper installer to evaluate the specific area and type of wallpaper being installed before attempting a wallpaper project yourself in a difficult area, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

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