Wallpaper Hanging in The Woodlands

Some people say it is hard to find a wallpaper hanger that will come to the Woodlands. That is not true for Jim Ward, The Wallpaper Guy. Based in Decker Prairie, Jim Ward services all of The Woodlands neighborhoods and beyond, up through Conroe and back down to Houston. Jim Ward’s wallpaper has been hanging on Woodlands walls for over 30 years, some rooms he has even re-decorated several times over his career as homes are remodeled and re-decorated.

Jim loves the small community feel of the Woodlands. Many of the small villages across The Woodlands can have a cozy neighborhood feeling on the outside and Jim helps to transform the insides of the homes into those of homeowners’ dreams – from country couture to austere grandeur. The uniqueness of a Woodlands, TX home creates for a limitless canvas to work with.

Call Jim Ward for a no obligation quote to wallpaper your Woodlands kitchen, bath, or bedroom, he’s just a skip away!

Call Jim Ward today: 713.898.1838 or contact Jim Ward via email.